Chase Cover

We make the difference in the quality and our skills to services the chimney work. We recommend the chase-cover to install on top of chimney, because many times the leak comes from the top of it. We recommend to build the framing on top of chimney, that’s help the chimney to looks in amazing shape with decor, also help to install and fix the chase-cover. The reason why we build the framing which help the water to slide away from the chimney wall bricks, block or stones.

We build the chase cover by hands and with double edges and the corners are covered, also we makes cricket in the middle that’s help the water to slip more easy from 4 sides of chase-cover. We provide our self in this kind of service, better than no one else.

We produce chase-cover stainless steel or copper in the costumer’s house with the machine. The price of the chase-cover depends on the size of the chimney, at height of chimney, and the type of material that the client likes to chooses. No one like us. USE IT!

Chase Cove – Stainless Steel