We are the best chimney repair specialist in Long Island . If your chimney has any problem like, damage, crack, leaking we are the right company that we solve all the problems in your chimney. We offer the best advises, we do free inspection and we give the costumer many options to do repairing and new chimney too. After that we provide the estimate on time for fixing your chimney. Most of the problems for the chimney comes from cracks in the mortar or the bricks, or usually from the flashing. Our specialist use their best experiences to solve any problem using the specific skills.
Also we provide the service with (2 plays smooth wall) Stainless Steel Lining System. When chimney has cracks in to the clays this house risks to take fire, so to stop this big problem we recommend to install the liner from the top to the bottom of the chimney and we connect the smoke pipes from the boiler to the T-connection of the liner. After that, all the smoke and heat run only inside of the liner and the risk is reduced 100%. Also to fix the cracks inside the chimney we use the machine for Smoke Tite.
We build new chimney from foundation up with new bricks, new blocks, new clays, new flashing (aluminum or copper), and more.
Also we do repointing the chimney with mortar mix, we grinned where it’s needs.
We use waterproof to protect the chimney from the water with 10 years warranty from manyfactory, that’s help the water to slate more fast from the bricks.
We do all the kind of repairing the chimney.
Also we provide Chimney Cleaning.